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24 Ore Writing Challenge * Autore:esact * Set 3 * Personaggio/Fandom: Bill Kaulitz/Tom Kaulitz

01:00Anima in fiamme 02:00Osare di sognare 03:00Vigilando 04:00Ritira il tuo animo dal mio cuore 05:00Stupito 06:00L’angolo moribondo di un sogno infranto
07:00Eclisse di luna 08:00“Ho la nausea” 09:00Voglia di scappare 10:00Buio 11:00Nebbia 12:00Solitudine inviolata
13:00Monotonia 14:00Io non c’ero… 15:00Risata inaspettata 16:00Gelido pomeriggio 17:00Penna nera 18:00Vago tramonto
19:00Vita noiosa 20:00Leone in gabbia 21:00. … e se c’ero dormivo 22:00Silenzio intatto 23:00Spirito maligno 24:00Ovunque tenebre e nulla più


I need a lot of things, these are the most important:

-a camera [so I can take photo of my outfits]
-a transparent nail polish [so I can put some stickers on my nails]
-a beautiful black bag [so I can use it for my gothic outfits]
-a laptop [so I shouldn't share it with my brother and my sister]
-an iPod [so I can play stupid games while I'm listening to the music]
-a pair of pink shoes [so I can use them under the new dress that I bought]
-an "attractive" notebook [so I will write more] 
-a sweet necklace [so I can use it with my new outfit]
-MONEY [so I can do all the things that I noted above]!


Hello Everyone!

Hi, I'm an Italian girl, i'm 19 and I like to wear lolita dresses.
I want to study japanese [and german] to University 'cause I'd like to go in Japan
to become a journalist, a teacher and a writer.
Anyway, I want to post some my pics wearin' lolita dresses.



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